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2017 Player and Course Cards

By: Plaay

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: History Maker Golf

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2017 Player and Course Cards
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You don't have to be an avid golfer or golf fanatic to enjoy watching Sunday Golf on TV! In recent years, the networks have become expert at presenting pro golf in a fast-paced, star-driven, hyper-exciting fashion. Lots of dramatic shots. Pressure putts. Very little down-time. OK, so—what if there was a golf simulation board game that presented pro golf on your tabletop the same way it's presented on television? Well, soon there WILL be! Say hello to HISTORY MAKER GOLF Championship Golf Game, due April 3. It's everything that's great about Sunday Golf on TV—and you won't even have to wait until Sunday to enjoy it!

Classic golf simulation board games typically work like this: you have a map-like representation of a golf course, often laid out in a grid, and cards with a mathematical representation of a golfer's abilities from which you calculate shot distance and accuracy based on club selection and atmospheric factors. (Incidentally, there's nothing wrong with playing golf this way, especially if you like math!) However, HMG simulates golf in a completely different way, using a "story" approach instead of math. With our method of portraying golfers with keyword attributes or "qualities," a hole is resolved not based on numerical calculations but on the presence or absence of specific golfing abilities. On any given dice roll combination, if the golfer has the called-for quality, a specific result will occur; if not, an alternate result occurs. A hole can be resolved with a single keyword result, or it can cascade into several keyword checks, each one branching off into a different potential outcome.

The result is an unexpectedly detailed presentation of a golfer moving from tee to green to cup, sometimes expertly, sometimes nightmarishly, often in one of the million shades of "in between!" With HMG, you'll be amazed at how you "see" golfers navigate the tees, fairways, hazards, bunkers, and greens of some of America's grandest golf courses—you'll feel like you're watching TV rather than doing a math problem! Sometimes a great tee shot will be followed up with a troublesome iron; or perhaps an errant shot to the trees is countered with a TV-worthy recovery, straight to the pin! Some approaches are routine, others are memorable either for their excellence or for the trouble the golfer got into! Two golfers might each record the same score on the same hole, yet have very different paths to get there—these are the kinds of nuances you'll experience and savor, in HISTORY MAKER GOLF!

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