Blight Collection, The - Complete Set! (Pathfinder)

By: Frog God Games

Type: Box Set

Product Line: Blight, The (Pathfinder)

Last Stocked on 7/7/2018

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Blight Collection, The - Complete Set! (Pathfinder)
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Box Set


A vast and sorcerous City, poisoned by alchemy, extending its empire through necromantically-powered industries, the City-state of Castorhage is gritty, often—horrific, and heartless. The city-state has begun exploring realms beyond the normal world, heedless of the dangers, and unaware that these other worlds are exploring the city-state in return. Ruthless factions, many of them quite monstrous, wage a hidden war for control of the city, its bizarre “technologies,” and its cruel empire.

This set includes all of the Blight supplemental material and five module books to run your own campaign in this horrific place!

The materials included are:

  • The Blight
  • Player's Handbook
  • GM Guide
  • Player’s Guide
  • The Tome of Blighted Horrors
  • TB1 – The Crooked Nail
  • TB2 – Horror in the Sinks
  • TB3 – Bloody Jack
  • TB4 – The Crucible
  • TB5 – Children of the Harvest
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