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Die Ruckkehr der Helden (Return of the Heroes, German Edition)

Condition: NM-
Condition Note: includes English rules
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Die Ruckkehr der Helden (Return of the Heroes, German Edition)
Category: Board Games
Author: Lutz Stepponat
Publish Year: 2004
Dimensions: 14.75x10.75x2.25"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148488572
Type: Boxed Game

Die Ruckkehr der Helden (Return of the Heroes, German Edition)


Return of the Heroes is more than a game, it is your tale! You play a talented but inexperienced character. This will change during your adventures. You experience the progression of your hero. This game is your portal to the fantastic world of elves, dwarves, mages, fighters, and clerics!

Experience exciting adventures in the capital and the surroundings, barter on the markets of Zenda, fight against giants, trolls, or other dark enemies. Eventually you have to overcome the cruel Nameless in his tower and you will return a hero!

Let the game begin!

Distribute 32 tasks, events and creatures unseen on 16 different region maps that can be combined in many different ways. You begin to explore a world unknown to you. You will find information, gold and magic artifacts. However, always be on your guard. The Servants of the Nameless can be anywhere!

The players can fulfill one of 8 heroic deeds and finally challenge and defeat one of 6 Nameless. The development of their character, the increase of his skills and the gaining of experience is shown in an easily understandable way on the character sheet.

The challenges of the game are decided by strategy and a bit of luck with the dice. Return of the Heroes is a game for the whole family and offers endless game combinations.

Game Contents:
* 16 region maps
* 23 hit points represented by red glass stones
* 5 double-sided character sheets
* 4 semi-precious stones
* 10 game figures
* 8 cards with heroic deeds
* 4 manor houses
* 6 cards of the Nameless
* 60 wooden experience cubes in three colors
* 33 number chits
* 30 wooden gold pieces
* 106 game counters
* 5 six-sided dice
* 1 cloth bag
* glossary