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Warzone (2nd Edition) - Rulebooks

By: Target Games

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Warzone - Core & Assorted (Target Games)

Last Stocked on 7/27/2020

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Warzone (2nd Edition) - Rulebooks
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The solar system is a battlefield. From Mars' red deserts to the steaming jungles of Venus, conflict rages. From the huge caverns of the Mercurian underworlds to the cold hells of the Asteroid Belt, battle lines are drawn. The five great megacorporations make war with each other. The fanatic soldiers of the Brotherhood clash with the undead warriors of the Dark Legion, who, in the name of their demonic masters, seek to conquer all who live. There is no peace. There are only small gaps between the wars, when the combatants seek to rebuild their strength before another cataclysmic clash with their eternal enemies.

Warzone is a wargame set in the universe of Mutant Chronicles. This is for the three rulebooks from the boxed game, no other components are included.

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