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Line Artillerymen I Moulds

By: Prince August

Type: Supplies

Product Line: Napoleonic Moulds - France (54mm)

Last Stocked on 3/13/2020

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Line Artillerymen I Moulds
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The Napoleonic Wars (1803-15) were a series of wars declared against Napoleon's French Empire by opposing coalitions. As a continuation of the wars sparked by the French Revolution of 1789, they revolutionized European armies and played out on an unprecedented scale, mainly owing to the application of modern mass conscription. French power rose quickly as Napoleon's armies conquered much of Europe but collapsed rapidly after France's disastrous invasion of Russia in 1812. Napoleon's empire ultimately suffered complete military defeat resulting in the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy in France.

This product has 3 moulds that can cast 3 separate 54mm scale metal soldiers. Some assembly may be required. Assembly can either require soldering or gluing parts together. Glue is not included.

N.C.O.: Responsible for giving the "fire" command, he was usually a Gunner 1st Class (Corporal). He was responsible for the horizontal aim of the gun.

Gunner carrying round: He is the Ammunition handler. Responsible for delivering rounds from the ammunition ches or limber to the gun loaders.

Gunner with portfire: He fired the gun with the portfire after the loading and aiming was completed.

Please note the miniatures shown are for display purposes only.

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