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British Battleships - 1889-1904

British Battleships - 1889-1904
Author: R.A. Burt
Publish Year: 1988
Pages: 320
Dimensions: 9.75x10x1"
Restockable: No
Type: Hardcover


This volume completes the reissue of R. A. Burt’s magnificent three-volume history of British battleships, and it covers the pre-dreadnought era which has, in recent years, acquired a new and fervent following. In this new volume, the author presents full details of design and construction, armament, protection, machinery and performance, all backed up with accurate data tables listing design figures, trials results, and full particulars at different stages in the ships’ careers.

The history of each battleship is recounted, especially their major contribution in WWI, where they bore the brunt of the action at the Dardenelles, bombarded the Belgium coast, patrolled the North Sea and the Channel, reinforced the Italian Fleet, and served in East Africa, the East Indies and the White Sea. Most were extensively modified during the War and this variety has made them of special interest to the historian, enthusiast and ship modeler. With the addition of many new photographs from the author’s massive collection, this new edition is a great addition to every naval library.