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Character Pack - Senator Vargo, Natalya Federici & Lena Petrova

Character Pack - Senator Vargo, Natalya Federici & Lena Petrova
Product Note: 3 figures
Publish Year: 2016
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: AN1131
Type: Miniatures Pack

Character Pack - Senator Vargo, Natalya Federici & Lena Petrova


To hundreds of millions across the globe, Senator Vargo Federici is a liberator, a visionary, a humanitarian. Behind closed doors, however, he is still the same ruthless businessman that once sat on the Unity Council, and now seeks to overthrow it to ensure the revival of democracy and the return of free trade. When proof of the Unity Councils regime of oppression and cruelty was revealed, Federici was quick to defect, helping to establish the Pan-Continental Republic and becoming its first elected Senator. Now he plots the end of the Unity Congress once and for all – only by stamping out the old regime can mankind move forward, with Federici and the Radoni Corp at its head.

Natalya Federici, Vargo's daughter, heir and prodigy, is a rising star within the new Republic, in overall command of the Republic's armed forces. In the face of the Unity Councils numerical superiority, Natalyas determined and brilliant tactical leadership has allowed the Republic to hold the line for now. Natalya fights on the front line through her PROTOS battle Avatar, and will directly lead one of the SHARD strikes against Unity City.

Until the outbreak of civil war, Lena Petrova worked as an Electronic Intelligence Specialist in a secretive division of Xian Industries. Her in-depth knowledge of the Sphere network and skills as a hacker made her the perfect candidate to accompany the Shard Strike mission to destroy the central Sphere Node. Lena has undergone extensive military training to prepare her for a roll which could change the course of the war.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.