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Asgard's Chosen - Artifacts Expansion

Asgard's Chosen - Artifacts Expansion
Category: Board Games
Restockable: No
Type: Ziplock



  • In a 4 player game, use all 3 artifacts.
  • In a 2-3 player game randomly remove 1 artifact.
  • In the solitaire game randomly select 1 artifact to use.

    When building the map, when you place the 1st town marker, select an artifact and place it on that town. Place the remaining artifacts as you place the final town marker(s).


    If you take control of a town with an artifact in it, place the artifact next to the gender tile of the hero that attacked the town. You decide which side of the artifact is placed face up (artifacts have opposing terrain on each side). That hero is now considered to be wearing the artifact.

    Your hero wears the artifact until that hero is Vanquished. You may not switch an artifact to it opposite side while your hero wears it. If you Vanquish another hero who is wearing an artifact, then remove the artifact from that hero. Your attacking hero may choose to wear it, if you wish. A hero may never wear more than 1 artifact. If you do not take an artifact, it remains on the space until any hero without an artifact wears it.

    In a 2 player game no player may have more than 1 artifact.

    An artifact allows the hero wearing it to use the heraldry symbols as a power bonus in battle. If you play a creature in battle with a heraldry symbol that matches your hero's artifact, that hero gains +1 power when attacking or defending. If you play 2 symbols that match your artifact in a single battle, then you may return 1 of your played creatures back to your hand (return 2 if 3 match, 3 if 4 match, etc).