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Adventure Keep Module Collection - 4 Modules!

By: AEG (Alderac Entertainment Group)

Type: Collection

Product Line: Adventure Keep Modules (d20)

Last Stocked on 7/17/2017

Product Info

Adventure Keep Module Collection - 4 Modules!


You won't find more adventure for your dollar than the adventure keep modules. Collected here are a few adventures selected from this series for you and your adventuring party to chew on. Crawl through crypts and scavenge glorious gold and goodies from the ruins. Adventure keep modules are short exciting delves into iconic locations and fighting classic foes.


  • Against the Barrow King
  • Crypt of St. Bethesda, The
  • Kurishan’s Garden
  • Sundren Faith

    All modules range in condition from VG to EX with most falling somewhere in between.
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