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Black Library Live! 2011 Chapbook

Black Library Live! 2011 Chapbook
Category: Novels & Comics
Product Line: Black Library Live!
Author: Rob Sanders, Graham McNeill
Publish Year: 2011
Pages: 30
Dimensions: 5.75x8x.125"
Restockable: No
Type: Novel - Softcover


By Rob Sanders

Inquisitor Bronislaw Czevak - scholar, adventurer, fugitive. Since fleeing the fabled Black Library of the eldar with the Atlas Infernal, he has been hunted by xenos, heretic and sorcerer just as he once hunted them.

Guided and protected by this ancient tome bound in human skin, he has now found his way to the daemon world of Nereus in search of a powerful Chaos artefact. With Ahriman and the Thousand Sons racing to claim it for themselves, Czevak must scour the colony of Perdition's Landing if he is to outwit his old enemies... but might this bedraggled outpost hide an even darker secret of its own?

By Graham McNeill

For one night of the year, the elven citizens of Tor Yvresse put aside their woes and celebrate the Festival of Masques - a carnival of laughter and merrymaking where they are free to indulge their every whim and desire. This year, the renowned travelling minstrel Narentir plans to regale them with the epic tale of their own tragic past, and word has spread to the farthest corners of Ulthuan that this will be a performance not to be missed.

However, a grim and solitary figure stalks the shadows of the city, intent on silencing the irreverent bard. Though spirits may be high and the revelry in full swing, death's messenger awaits his moment to strike...