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Advanced Squad Leader Mega-Collection #4 - 12 Complete Games!

Advanced Squad Leader Mega-Collection #4 - 12 Complete Games!


Advanced Squad Leader sets the bar for tactical combat simulation. No other product of its kind has garnered the same kind of loyal and vast following that ASL has. Across the entirety of the historical fact and speculation of WWII, ASL has taken players there and repeatedly pleased the crowds with its historical accuracy, quality gameplay, and exceptional physical components. So who could resist the ability to get a huge swath of what ASL has to offer in one go for a hefty discount off of typical prices?

This ASL mega collection brings together 12 of the games in the ASL game system in one package. Whether you want to recreate the Blitz, the Pacific War, or the battles in North Africa, this collection will suit your needs. Included games are:

  • ASL Rulebook (1st Edition)
  • Beyond Valor
  • Code of Bushido
  • Croix de Guerre
  • Doomed Battalions
  • Gung Ho
  • Hollow Legions
  • Kampfgruppe Peiper I
  • Kampfgruppe Peiper II
  • Last Hurrah, The
  • Paratrooper
  • Partisan
  • Yanks

    Also included are bonus mounted map boards numbers 1, 5-9, and 12-15.

    All items are in Fair to NM condition with most falling somewhere in between. All included items are believed to be complete, though the components have not been counted. Included counters appear to be sorted by faction and the boxes for all mentioned games are included as well as an additional Beyond Valor box. Sink your teeth into the world of ASL, or get enough to feed your existing appetite with this ASL Mega Collection!