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Book of Armies (Reprint Edition)

By: White Wolf

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Pendragon (5th Edition)

Last Stocked on 10/24/2014

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Book of Armies (Reprint Edition)
Greg Stafford
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Knights fight Enemies. This book provides them. Random tables assist the GM to bring color and entertainment to the battlefield. This book assumes the perspective that player characters are knights of Britain. 32 armies in all.

Arthurian Armies, GPC armies are here, period by period; plus extras (regional special units, round table knights, mercenaries, etc.), and notes for all important battles, including several more armies.

British Armies, six wild and unlawful peoples of Britain; they are backward, and never change much

Continental Armies, the nine Continental Peoples of K&L, plus Aquitaine
The Battles

Each battle in Great Pendragon Campaign is listed with the appropriate army to use. In many cases this is sufficient, but for the more complicated or longer battles, more details are given. For instance, for the Battle of Terrabil (513) three armies are given (Norgales, Malahaut and King Lot). All the great battles (Badon, Roman War, Camlann) get similar treatment.
Armies included

Here's an alphabetized list of the full armies that are in this book:

All-knight, Anarchy Period, Aquitanians, Bandit Gang, Boy King Period, Byzantines, Cambrian Hill Tribe, Conquest Period, Danes, French (Defensive), French (Offensive), German, Hun Raiding, Irish, Italian, King Oberon’s Faeries, Later Tournament and Grail Period, Lothian, Malahaut, Norgales, Occitanian, Pict, Ragged Mob (peasants), Roman Imperial, Romance and Early Tournament Period (Attacking), Romance and Early Tournament Period (Defending), Routiers, Saxons (Attacking), Saxons (defending), Spanish, Twilight Period, Uther Period, Zazamanc.

All armies include stats for their leaders, many have alternative units to use
Additional Units

Here, alphabetically, is a list of the groups of units that are in this book:

Anarchy Alternative Troops, Aquitaine Alternative Troops, Badon Special Troops, Bandit Alternative Unit, Condottieri,Dead Army, Faerie Army Alternative “Troops, German Alternative Troops, Hun Knights, Irish Alternative Troops, Late Tournament and Grail Period Alternative Troops, Logres Ducal Special Units, Occitanian Alternative Troops, Peasant Alternative Troops, Pict Alternative Troops, Pict Lowland Troops, Rebellion Era Regional Special Units, Renaissance Troops, Round Table Knights (Broken), Round Table Knights, Saxon Alternative Troops, Seven Special Units, The Rivals, Zazamanc Alternative Troops

Name Dropping for Insiders

Just some catchy vocabulary here. There is lots more inside!
Catalan company, Écorcheurs, Egyptian rijal, Elite, Knifemen Horde, lorica, Milites, Sergeantry, Templars, Ulfhednar, Veterans, Zumbooruk

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