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Bloody Omaha - D-Day, 1944 II

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Bloody Omaha - D-Day, 1944 II
Category: War Games
Sub Category: Popular War Games
Publish Year: 2013
Restockable: Yes
Mfg. part #: CRTATSBO2
Type: Boxed Game


Bloody Omaha II is a detailed new edition of the ATS classic that features large format counters, many with new art, the new maps, the original big box, and an entry into BLOODY OMAHA EAST II for those holdouts that have hunkered in their Widerstandsnestern waiting for the return of the large counter edition. For the first and only time, it is here again!

ATS system game that tells the story of the D-Day landing at Omaha Beach with incredible detail. The three maps depict Omaha Beach at 50-yards per hex scale. The game maps stretch from Vierville to St. Laurent and provide every draw, house, and German Stuetzpunkt (Strong Point).

The map takes the American landing from Dog Green to Easy Green, with the Dog White and Dog Red landing beaches in between. As for depth, you will be battling almost a mile inland before the ATS gamer can consider his lodgement in Normandy secure. German players will have something to say about all this as they attempt to coordinate fire from Strong Points Wn71 through Wn 66.

A complete beach-landing presentation is provided, taking the ATS gamer personally through a historical experience akin to the first 20-minutes of the seminal film Saving Private Ryan with the difference being their personal attachment to involvement in the action. Will your leaders rally your men off the beach? There will only be two kinds of men on this beach, those that are dead and those that are going to be dead and you will need to summon all your personal willpower and intellect to see your men off the beach and into the hinterland of Normandy.

A super-sized complement of counters is provided so you can play the monster scenario and the entire campaign!

Each copy of ATS BLOODY OMAHA includes: A complete collection of color die-cut counters in 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" sizes, representing the tanks, guns, infantry and landing craft —the New Generation ATS art and layout in 3/4", 5/8" sizes and 1/2" markers!

Three 24" x 36" maps that created a SIX FOOT LONG Omaha Beach battlefield -- in the new edition with improved art —links to OMAHA EAST. The classic big deep ATS game box. An Omaha Edition rulebook in 3 hole edition 16 playable scenarios on colored cards. 10 US 116th Regimental Combat Team Order of Battle cards, with counters depicting every landing craft, soldier, tank and weapon and including Destroyers and LCTs in the new 3/4 layout for greater playability. 4 Wn Set Up cards providing the defenders of Hitler's Atlantic Wall. Perfect for solo play. Complete set of ATS Play Aids. Omaha Specific Play Aid Card with a new tables and charts. A massive collection of 4-color counters with a lot of new soldier art! New color AFV Cards and Destroyer Play Aid with a detailed naval vessel presentation. New Edition of the OMAHA Battlefield Walkaround rulebook loaded with easy to use chrome. Updated Sequence of Play aid. Two ten sided dice in separate colors.