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Battleplan DVD-Rom - Complete Magazine Collections

Battleplan DVD-Rom - Complete Magazine Collections
by 3W
Category: Board Games
Sub Category: Board Game Magazines
Product Note: DVD-Rom
Publish Year: 2013
Dimensions: 5.5x5x.25"
Restockable: No
Type: Software (unboxed)


This is the complete collection of Decision Games 3W's Battleplan magazine that was published from 1987 to 1989. Past into Print is presenting this out of print, hard to find magazine collection in PDF format on DVD via an official license from Decision Games.

Battleplan was an ambitious magazine devoted to providing variants, scenarios, and articles on game strategy for wargaming products by a variety of publishers including Avalon Hill, Victory Games, SPI, Milton Bradley, and GDW.

Published between 1987 and 1989, the magazine had a great deal of content to appeal to war gamers, including articles and materials for Ambush!, Squad Leader, Advanced Squad Leader, Up Front, World in Flames, Third Reich, Axis & Allies, Fortress America, and many other games.

The periodical lasted nine issues, before it was folded into the Wargamer, Volume 2.

The DVD contains all nine issues of the series, including all original variant inserts, countersheets, scenarios, and cards. A complete article index is also included.

  • Scanned from original issues at 600 dpi, full color
  • Each page was cleaned and aligned within Photoshop
  • Published as a PDF file with Acrobat X
  • Completely searchable
  • No DRM or password protection
  • Every page is printable and extractable

    Here is a brief listing of some of the contents in the nine issues. This isn't everything, just a few highlights.

    Issue 1 - March/April 1987
    Squad Leader Scenarios - "One if by Air, Two if by Sea" and "Blunting the Spearhead"
    Solitaire Up Front - Flamethrower Defense Scenario
    Battle for Leyte - Scenario for SSG Carriers at War
    A House Restored - Rules variants for GDW A House Divided (part 1 of 3)
    The Russian Campaign - Political variants for AH Russian Campaign
    Inserts: Fortress Europa Variant “Overlord ’43” Countersheet, Russian Campaign II Variant Counters, Field Marshal Variant Situation Cards, Charles Roberts and H.G. Wells Award Ballot, "One if by Air, Two if by Sea" and "Blunting the Spearhead" Squad Leader Scenarios

    Issue 2 - May/June 1987
    Supremacy Variants
    Operation Sea Lion - SSG Battlefront scenario
    Luftwaffe Variants
    Japanese Jets for Dauntless – Additional planes and scenarios for Dauntless
    Fallschirmjager - Ambush mega-variant
    World in Flames - Decline and Fall: 1944-45 Campaign Game
    Inserts: "Counterattack" and "Victory at Pratulin" Squad Leader Scenario

    Issue 3 - July/August 1987
    Third Reich – A special 1941 scenario
    Axis & Allies Mega Variant Section – A history of the game and dozens of new variants, and card inserts
    Black Capes and Whispered Secrets – An Empires in Arms spy network variant
    War in Europe - Variant for the German economy in this monster SPI game
    Trench War - Lots of new goodies for GDW Trenchfoot
    The Art of Making Counters Beautiful – an article for home made variant makers
    Inserts: "Partisan Purge" and "The Tank Repair Shop" Squad Leader Scenarios, Axis & Allies Variant cards

    Issue 4 - September/October 1987
    Panzers at Kursk - Soviet counterattack scenario
    Blue Max - Campaign game variants
    Shogun: The Complete Game Replay - A complete replay of the game from MB
    Ambush Mission 17: Block Party - A complete January, 1945 campaign scenario and insert cards
    Battlewagon: Fleet Actions - WWI, interwar and WWII scenarios
    The Relief of Wake Island - A scenario for AH Midway
    Inserts: “The Burning Corridor” and “The Dying Place” Squad Leader Scenarios, Ambush campaign soldier and campaign cards

    Issue 5 – January/February 1988
    Russian Campaign II - Changes and strategies for this expansion kit
    Top Gun in the Med - Additional campaigns for Top Gun
    Dance of the Vampires - Scenario for VG 2nd Fleet
    Will We Ever Forget to Remember the Maine? - Situations and strategies for the S&T game
    Guns of August - Complete mega-variant for AH Guns of August
    More Panzer Victories - Variants for the battle of Debrecan in Last Panzer Victory
    Inserts: "Race to the Clerf" and "Last Stand on the Oder" Squad Leader scenarios; countersheet for Guns of August mega-variant

    Issue 6 - June/July 1988
    The Battle of Senlac Hill – Hastings, 1066 variants, strategies and tactics
    A House Divided - Complete mega-variant with counters
    Wilderness of Mirrors - New Central America scenario
    Axis & Allies - Technology variant
    Options for France – World in Flames variant
    Air War Once More! - Realism variant
    Inserts: A House Divided Leader countersheet

    Issue 7 - August/September 1988
    Tank Leader Scenarios – Official & Tournament scenarios for WEG Tank Leader
    Variants for Shogun – Mega-variant including Karma cards
    Ancients Scenarios - Good Industries Pydna 156 BC, Leuctra 371 BC, and Cannae 216 BC
    The Unfought Battle - Scenario variants for GDW 1940
    Fortress America - Variant for MB Gamemaster series game
    Two Historical Fantasies for Battle for Germany – Alternate endings to S&T classic
    Zulu War – Complete, mini-wargame
    Cousins of the Queen - Two experimental B-17 models
    Squadron Command - Rules for leading a squadron of B-17 Flying Fortresses
    St. Nazaire Readjusted – A few new twists for this solitaire favorite
    Squad Leader 1948 - Red Star / White Star scenarios ideas
    Inserts: Complete Mini-Wargame: Zulu War

    Issue 8 - January/February 1989
    Drive on Frankfurt Variations – Tinkering with a finely tuned game
    Axis & Allies 1941 Scenario – The “historical” set-up of a year earlier
    Quick & Dirty Fortress America Variants – Some fast ideas for this MB game
    Red, White, and Blue Max – U.S. aircraft for GDW classic
    Yamamoto's Plan for Midway – A variant for Yaquinto’s CV
    Ortona - A Canadian Up Front scenario
    Over the Edge of the Map - Third Reich mega-variant map insert rules
    Third Reich 1945 Scenario – Red Star/White Star
    More Third Reich Variants – 12 player game, plus the WWI scenario revisited
    Third Reich Local & Limited Wars – Mini-scenarios great for teaching beginners
    Inserts: Third Reich variant countersheet, Third Reich Southeast extension maps

    Issue 9 – Final Issue – Summer 1989
    The Michicon '88 ASL Tournament – The Playtesters tournament
    Finnish Front – An introductory scenario to AH Russian Front
    Remember the Maine Scenarios – Scenarios for this S&T 108 game
    Burning The Tigers – A scenario for The Tigers are Burning
    Airpower in the Middle East: Eagles of the Gulf Expansion – Variant scenarios, aircraft cards, and maps for GDW Air Superiority / Air Strike
    World in Flames – Optional rules & changes
    The Mediterranean Option – An Axis & Allies variant
    More Oil Wars – Revisiting the classic SPI Oil War game
    Combat Lancer – A campaign game for Rolling Thunder
    Inserts: Air Superiority expansion Eagles of the Gulf aircraft cards, mapboards, and scenarios; Advanced Squad Leader Tournament Scenarios “B1 Two Long Bars”, “B2 Ice Follies”, “B3 Prussian Panic”, “B4 Clear Up the Bridgehead…”