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Avalon Hill WWI Collection - 3 Games!

Avalon Hill WWI Collection - 3 Games!
Category: War Games
Sub Category: Popular War Games
Restockable: No
Type: Collection


The Great War, the war to end all wars, the dawn of modern warfare; whatever name it is given, World War One remains one of the defining conflicts of the entire 20th century. Whether viewed as a stepping stone to WWII or as an all-out conflict in its own right, there can be no disputing the historical significance of this global confrontation of alliances and patriotism. Now, brought to your table-top by Avalon hill, you can delve into this iconic conflict and explore all that made this war what it was. Explore the dawn of aerial warfare in Richthofen’s war, or head out to seas in Jutland. Then its into the trenches in 1914 and Guns of August. All the facets of the hostilities of this often misunderstood struggle for supremacy are featured inside this lot. The list of titles is:

  • Guns of August (1st Edition)
  • 1914
  • Richthofen’s War

    Conditions vary from Fair to VG+ with most being very well-used. Delve into the politics and gunfire that set the stage for the rest of history with this Avalon Hill WWI collection.