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Autoduel Quarterly Super Collection - 17 Issues!

Autoduel Quarterly Super Collection - 17 Issues!
Sub Category: RPG Magazines
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Type: Collection


Stuck in traffic… again. Don’t you wish there was an easier way out? A way to just mow down everyone in front of you with a turret mounted .50 caliber machine gun, or push them all aside with a reinforced steel snowplow on your bumper? Good news! In the world of Car Wars, you not only can, but you’ll need to just to survive. Presented here for you is a compilation of the Car Wars periodical Autoduel Quarterly to get your finger on the thrumming pulse of the Autoduel circuit. Each issue supplements and expands this thrilling game of vehicular manslaughter. This collection includes the following 17 issues taken from volumes 1-5 of the magazines prestigious history of carnage:

  • Vol. 2, #4 "Telethon, Nightsword, Critical Hits"
  • Vol. 3, #1 "Grenades, Grand Theft Autoduel"
  • Vol. 3, #2 "Doppelganger, Robbery Under Arms, The Gauntlet"
  • Vol. 3, #3 "Central Palm Beach, Kamicars, Motorcycles Exposed"
  • Vol. 3, #4 "First Blud, 3-D Ramps"
  • Vol. 4, #1 "Midwest Passage, Search & Destroy"
  • Vol. 4, #2 "District of Columbia, Dueltrack Scenarios"
  • Vol. 4, #3 "Houston, Texas, Flying High with Jimmy Zero"
  • Vol. 4, #4 "5 Mini Scenarios, Corporate Car Wars"
  • Vol. 5, #1 "Variant Issue, Balloons and Airships in Car Wars"
  • Vol. 5, #2 "Boats in Car Wars, Writing a Solo Adventure"
  • Vol. 5, #3 "Winter Autoduelling, Overloaded Vehicles"
  • Vol. 5, #4 "Along the East Coast with Correspondent X, Highway Encounters"
  • Vol. 6, #1 "Fire and Loathing in Autoduelling, Dodges & Dragons"
  • Vol. 6, #2 "Magic in Car Wars, Advanced Maneuvering System"
  • Vol. 6, #3 "Brothers in Arms, Solo Adventure, AADA World Championships"
  • Vol. 6, #4 "3 Mini Scenarios, Auto Gyros, Convoy Tactics"

    Conditions vary from Fair to EX with most falling somewhere in between. Make sure your car never has less than the best with the Autoduel Quarterly Super Collection!