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Castles and Crusades Starter Collection - 8 Books!

Castles and Crusades Starter Collection - 8 Books!
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Type: Box Set


Getting the feeling that your rules-heavy role-playing games are weighing you down? Cumbersome multi-hundred-page tomes hanging like bricks in your backpack, while convoluted simulation-centered rules systems barrage you with more information than you know what to do with? Sounds like you need something a little on the lighter side, and Castles and Crusades is just what the game master ordered.

Based on the ever-popular D20 system, Castles and Crusades is a simplification of the core mechanics needed for roleplaying in a high fantasy setting. Using the Siege Engine mechanic, the characters will only need their basic statistics, a race, and a class and they are ready to thunder out the tavern door for endless adventure, and there’s plenty of adventure to be found. Accompanying the core rules in this lot are modules aplenty, spanning many levels of play, as well as a variety of settings and adventure types. The specific titles include:

  • Assault on Blacktooth Ridge (1st Printing)
  • Monsters & Treasure (1st Printing)
  • Player Character Reference Sheets
  • Player's Handbook (1st Printing)
    Pot of Broken Bones & Halfling Broth, A (Free RPG Day 2013)
  • Slag Heap, The
  • Usurpers of the Fell Axe
  • Wicked Cauldron

    The conditions of these items are all VG+ to Mint/new with most being somewhere in between. Free yourself from the weight of your rules lawyer oppressors and embrace the enjoyment of imaginative roleplaying with the Castles and Crusades Starter Collection.