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#9 w/Menglianggu - Best Division under Heaven

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#9 w/Menglianggu - Best Division under Heaven
Category: Board Games
Sub Category: Board Game Magazines
Publish Year: 2012
Dimensions: 8x11x.33"
Restockable: Yes
Type: Magazine

#9 w/Menglianggu - Best Division under Heaven
#9 w/Menglianggu - Best Division under Heaven


Menglianggu is a two-player game that simulates the Battle of Menglianggu during the Chinese Civil War, May 10 to 16, 1947. One player commands the CCP and the other player commands the KMT. Each turn represents one day and each hex is about 2.5 km across. There are three kinds of basic units, including infantry, artillery, and HQ. The scale of the basic unit is one regiment size. Players activate the divisional HQ to command every unit in range to barrage, move, fire, and progress respectively. You can use tactical chit to order the support of air crafts and the farmers. You need to be aware the supply line in every action. The goal is different from both sides in different scenarios.

There are two scenarios in this game: "Battle of Menglianggu" and "Southern Sandong Campaign". The first scenario simulates the real history from May 13 to 16 in 1947 (4 turns). The goal of KMT is to save the Reorganized 74th Division. The second scenario simulates the beginning of the Southern Sandong Campaign from May 10 to 20 (11 turns). KMT needs to eliminate half of CCP force.