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#5 w/Taiwan Strait Crisis 1950

By: Formosa Force Games (Board Wargame)

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Board Wargame Magazine w/Games

Last Stocked on 1/14/2021

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#5 w/Taiwan Strait Crisis 1950
Shun-Wen Chen
Publish Year


Taiwan Strait Crisis 1950 is a 2 players strategic-level board wargame that simulates the battles between People's Republic of China (PRC) and Republic of China (ROC) in 1950s which is so called "The First and the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis." Two players control the People Liberation Army (PLA), the National Government Army (NRA) in Taiwan and US 7th Fleet respectively.

There are 9 turns in a games and each turn represents one year. Each player spend operation points to activate his troops in one area to attack, move or do special operations alternatively in a turn. The PRC player must get 10 victory points to win the game.

Before each operation, player must roll a die to draw an event marker randomly. The event maker is the mission the player needs to accomplish in the following turns. After finish the mission, the PRC player can increase the victory points and the Taiwan player can decrease the victory points.

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