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AD&D 1st Edition Book of Lairs Collection

AD&D 1st Edition Book of Lairs Collection
by TSR
Sub Category: Dungeons & Dragons
Restockable: No
Type: Box Set

AD&D 1st Edition Book of Lairs Collection


Which sounds better to you:

“you tromp mindlessly though the woods past several hundred trees, each more alike than the last, and arrive at your destination”


“while stepping lively along the barely visible trail to complete your daring quest, you fall into a pit and find yourself surrounded by kobolds that haven’t eaten for days, roll for initiative!”

There’s no contest right? Side-quests are a great part of any adventure, giving players extra experience points, treasure, and play time, while at the same time giving the dungeon master a break from the rigors of his duties. The Book of Lairs and its sequel are exactly what you need to fill this niche. Between the two volumes there are over 125 ready-to-roll adventures to put some flavor in your random encounters, spice up the downtime between campaigns, or be used as a user-friendly dungeon of the week resource. This double pack includes:

  • Book of Lairs, The #1
  • Book of Lairs, The #2

    The conditions of these books ranges from Fair to VG, with most being very well used. Inject some life into your side-quests with the AD&D 1st Edition Book of Lairs Lot!