Divisional Fire Support (2nd Edition)

By: Battlefront Miniatures

Type: Minis Box Set

Product Line: Flames of War - Vietnam - People's Army of Vietnam - Box Sets & Miscellaneous

47 figures

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Divisional Fire Support (2nd Edition)
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Minis Box Set
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14 Years and Up


Equipped with an array of different armaments for a diverse number of roles; the PAVN Divisional Support was armed with equipment that was either Chinese copies of Soviet equipment or actual Soviet-made weapons.

For example, the Type B10 82mm recoilless gun was Soviet-made and much more modern than the WWII-era 75mm examples used at the regiment level and provided a better anti-tank capability. While the Type 53 120mm mortar were copies of the Soviet 120-BM-38 heavy mortar and were capable of firing a round more powerful than the American 105mm howitzer.

Perhaps no piece of equipment was more important than the ZPU-1 14.5mm gun, more powerful than the Type 54 12.7mm Anti-aircraft machine-gun. These guns posed even more of a threat to the helicopters the American forces relied upon for mobility, firepower and supply.


  • one Divisional Mortar Company with one Command AK47 Assault Rifle team
  • three Type 53 120mm mortars with crew & one optional Observer AK47 Assault Rifle team
  • one Divisional Recoilless Gun Company with one Command AK47 Assault Rifle team
  • three Type 65 82mm recoilless guns with crew
  • one Anti-air Company with one Command AK47 Assault Rifle team
  • three ZPU-1 14.5mm guns with crew
  • one Small two-hole base, three Small three-hole bases, six Medium four-hole bases & six Large six-hole bases
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