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Poor Bloody Infantry - Expansion Set #1 & #2

By: Minden Games

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: War Games (Minden Games)

Last Stocked on 4/3/2015

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Poor Bloody Infantry - Expansion Set #1 & #2
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Poor Bloody Infantry simulates a single platoon going "over the top" at the Somme, July 1, 1916. The game comes with four historical scenarios, designed for solitaire play, or by two or more players, all on the British side, playing against the game system which handles the German defenders. With these PBI Expansion Sets, you can simulate other units that took part in that eventful day. You must own Poor Bloody Infantry to use the Expansion Sets. Each Expansion Set includes a color, thick card counter sheet with new, individually named soldiers, plus extra game markers, and a scenario sheet with full details and rules covering the unit in battle. Add to your fun by adding these sets to the standard PBI game system.

EXPANSION SET 1: 1st Newfoundlanders at Beaumont Hamel

In one of the worst sectors of the battle, the Newfoundlanders were almost completely wiped out, suffering over 90% casualties within the first hour. Includes: 5 new individual officers, 45 new individual soldiers; 18 game counters; Scenario 5 rules and historical commentary.

EXPANSION SET 2: 1/12th London (Rangers) at Gommecourt

While the Gommecourt attack was more diversionary, it was nevertheless one of the few successes of that fateful first day was provided by the Rangers. Includes: 5 new individual officers, 48 new individual soldiers; 15 game markers; Scenario 6 rules and historical commentary.

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