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Battletech Mega Rulebook and Map Lot


Type: Box Set

Product Line: Battletech - Box Sets & Miscellaneous (FASA)

Last Stocked on 1/4/2014

Product Info

Battletech Mega Rulebook and Map Lot
Box Set


Catapulted more than 1,000 years into the future, the face of warfare has evolved. War as we know it has ended, but from the ashes of centuries of conflict, a new form of combat has risen. Soldiers now find themselves piloting gigantic mechanical fighting machines called Battlemechs. The variety and uses of these Battlemechs ranges beyond anything mankind has yet invented filling in the full spectrum of armors, armaments, maneuvering options and modular components, so that Mechs may wage unending war in any terrain from urban to desert, all the way out to the reaches of space.

This specific lot bundles together a set of rulebooks and maps for you to immerse yourself in the world of Battletech supplying multiple versions of the core rules, multiple sourcebooks of varying types, in addition to a set of maps that can easily fill a battlefield that feels like a small planet. Specifically included in this lot are:


  • 2nd Edition Rulebook
  • 3rd Edition Rulebook
  • Citytech 1st Edition Rulebook
  • Citytech 2nd Edition Rulebook
  • Aerotech Rulebook
  • Reinforcements 2 Rulebook
  • Battle Troops Rulebook
  • 38 maps featuring 19 unique layouts
  • 4 boxes to store it all in

    Conditions of the items ranges from Fair to NM with most landing somewhere in between. While there are no duplicate rulebooks, many of the maps are duplicates. This lot includes only rulebooks, maps, and boxes, no other components from these sets are included. Drop yourself into the world of Battletech with the Battletech Book and Map lot.
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