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Brave New World Starter Collection - 4 Books!

Brave New World Starter Collection - 4 Books!
by AEG
Product Line: Brave New World
Restockable: No
Type: Collection


America, once a glorious, shining beacon of freedom and democracy, has plummeted. A twisted imagining of President Kennedy has bent America into a totalitarian dystopia, but fear not, for freedom has one last hope; a brave cadre of super-powered revolutionaries called - The Defiants! Step into this bizarre and warped future of an America destroyed, and take your place as a super-powered freedom-fighter in the most extreme of circumstances. This collection includes everything you need to get to know the brave new world and create your revolutionary hero to overthrow the tyranny of the future, and even features a module to get you started. This includes:

  • Brave New World
  • Glory Days
  • Power Shield w/Ripper Module
  • Ravaged Planet - The Brave New World Player's Guide

    Conditions range from Fair+ to NM with most landing somewhere in between. Restore freedom to America with the Brave New World Starter Collection.