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Alamo Remembered, The (2nd Edition)

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Alamo Remembered, The (2nd Edition)
Category: War Games
Author: George Barna
Publish Year: 2012
Dimensions: 6x9x1.6"
Restockable: Yes
Mfg. part #: VPG16006
Type: Boxed Game
Series: #6
Age Range: 10 Years and Up
# Players: 1 - 2 Players
Game Length: 30 Minutes

Alamo Remembered, The (2nd Edition)
Alamo Remembered, The (2nd Edition)


In 1836, Americans, who since the early 1800s had been migrating and settling in the Mexican territory of Texas, along with the Mexican locals (Tejanos), were attempting to establish an independent republic. Seized early in the revolt against Mexican authority by these Texians (as these American-led revolutionaries were called), the Alamo Mission in San Antonio was surrounded and besieged by the forces of His Excellency, Don Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.

The Alamo Remembered is a quick, 1-2 player, historical game covering those dramatic minutes when legends were made at the Alamo. In this game of bluff and counter-bluff, command the Texian or Mexican units, defending or attacking the walls of the Alamo.

With no dice rolling, rules to cover many variable conditions during this historic assault, and a “Last Stand” climax to the game, the birth of Texas is yours to relive. As the Texians, can you hold out at the Alamo to the last, or as the Mexicans quickly breach walls for glory? Find out in The Alamo Remembered!

What's In The Box?:

  • One beautiful 8.5" x 16.5" game map
  • 54 double-sided 3/4" square game pieces
  • 16-page full color Rules booklet (Optional and Solitaire rules included!)
  • One 8.5" x 16.5" mounted, jigsaw-cut game map
  • One bright red, 9 1/4" x 5 7/8" Standard cardboard VPG game box
  • One beautiful box cover sleeve
  • One "Wipes-A-Lot" napkin
  • One charcoal dessicant packet