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Breakout - The Chosin Reservoir Campaign, Korea 1950

Breakout - The Chosin Reservoir Campaign, Korea 1950
Author: Martin Russ
Publish Year: 1999
Pages: 452
Dimensions: 6x9x1.25"
Restockable: No
Type: Hardcover


On November 27, 1950, a Chinese army of some 60,000 men poured over Korea's border, intent on wiping out a force of 12,000 Marines marching north to the Yalu River on General Douglas MacArthur's orders. The Marines were strung out along a narrow mountain road snaking its way up to the high plateau of the Chosin Reservoir. As the mercury dropped to a bone-chilling 30 degrees below zero, eight Chinese divisions emerged from hiding to pounce on the unsuspecting Americans. How the Marines, despite serious losses, broke out of encirclement while inflicting grueling punishment on the enemy is one of the most stirring sagas in the history of American arms.

Step by bloody step, the Marines-given up for lost by headlines in the U.S.-fought their way back down the same precipitous road, miraculously taking their dead and wounded with them as they ran the ferocious gauntlet of unceasing Chinese attacks. Weaving into his account the voices of scores of individuals-ordinary Marines and their officers-Russ creates an unforgettable portrayal of the terror and courage of men as they face sudden death under the most horrendous conditions, making the bloody battles of the Korean hills and valleys come alive as they never have before.