Superior Synergy - Fantasy

By: Cubicle Seven

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Product Line: Pathfinder Sourcebooks & Supplements (Cubicle Seven)

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Superior Synergy - Fantasy
Steven Trustrum
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Relationships between game mechanics should matter. Skills are not isolated areas of training or understanding, feats are not talents that exist in a vacuum, class abilities are not cast aside when a new class is pursued, magic sometimes intermingles, and the process of crafting something yourself is not the same for everyone. This is why Superior Synergy: Fantasy PFRPG Edition brings the game mechanic of synergy back into your favorite fantasy role-playing game system in a fresh, totally revised way.

One skill may now add benefits (or detriments) to another skill through the uncertainty of its own separate skill roll. Skill Synergy is no longer a sure thing and may even backfire, but the rewards may be worth the risk. Feat Synergy illustrates how some feats naturally complement each other to allow for new effects and abilities via the inherent knowledge, training, or talent they represent. Class Synergy introduces ways abilities gained from different classes may interact and evolve together, combining the various areas of expertise the character has acquired towards new results. This adds an entirely new layer of meaning when considering how your character should multiclass. Magic Synergy provides a few ways magic can work together to create new effects … intended or not. Craft Synergy combines skills, feats, class abilities, and materials to illustrate an understanding that can result in special, non-magical abilities being added to some items.

Acknowledge the relationships in your game and open the door to a new way of looking at your rules!

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