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#6 "Character Stereotypes, Player Controlled NPC's, Special Critter Issue!"

By: Outland Arts

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Excavator Monthly - Official Magazine for The Mutant Epoch Millieu

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#6 "Character Stereotypes, Player Controlled NPC's, Special Critter Issue!"
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Ever want to play a post-apocalyptic ninja, cowboy, marine, super model or hulking mutant freak? Now you can! Issue 6 covers 20 stereotypes available as player characters.

Another special feature in this issue is Tiny Terrors; 12 nasty critters to keep your players on their toes including mutant black widow spiders, jumping wood ticks, saw jawed newts and grass leeches to name a few. We also cover how to assign NPCs for your players to control complete with a randomized selection, articles on the difference between scavengers and excavators, outrunning your comrades, two new NPCs: Graydon the Mad and Zako the Dealer, along with the survival Pistol and Over-Armor-Tac-Harness for new relics.

Excavator Monthly is the official magazine for The Mutant Epoch milieu, covering the TME RPG, fiction, art and more. Not using the Outland System? No worries, there is a ton here that any post apocalyptic GM can utilize

This issue includes:

  • Special Critter Issue: Tiny Terrors:: 12 nasty little beasts
  • 2 NPCs
  • 2 New relics
  • 20 Player Character Stereotypes types
  • Player Controlled NPCs
  • Outrun Your Comrades
  • Scavengers and Excavators
  • 32 illustration
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