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It Came from Beyond the Still - Somethin's in the Sauce

It Came from Beyond the Still - Somethin's in the Sauce
Author: Robert Adams
Publish Year: 2012
Pages: 52
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.2"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: ACG201
Type: Softcover


A Word From a Masked Cultist:

“I have finally prepared for the coming! The stars are just about right. Those hillbillies are the perfect offering to state His eternal hunger! Soon all of the trailer park and backwoods will feel the wrath of the unnameable but first let me try some of this moonshine. Now that’s good!”

About half an hour later…

“Brains… why do I crave brains?! I hunger and all I can think about is peeling back those empty heads of the hillbillies and delight on their brains. Oh my. This hunger, the pain! Ah, good a mirror.

Ahh I am a zombie!

This is ruined! How can I summon the dark creatures from the other-world? I’ll teach them to raise my lot rent. Let me get my book. My jaw. It’s hard to talk. I better do this fast. Ia, Ia, Chakabarbie Chicken Gorgazola Zool Garbage Pail Moonshiners! Hahahaha brains, brains. Hahaha hillbillies and you meddling kids it’s time to pay!

It Came From Beyond the Still: Somethin’s in the Sauce is the ultimate game of skirmishing combat between hillbillies, cultists and zombies. This is a stand-alone product and you do not need It Came From Beyond the Still Aliens vs Hillbillies to play. The game is playable in about an hour.