By: White Wind

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: Board Games (White Wind)

Last Stocked on 6/29/2013

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Alan Moon
Publish Year
Boxed Game


Once upon a time in the Land of the White Winds...

...as an initiation into manhood, young elves who turn 16 are required to go on a mission of goodwill and must visit as many of the elf villages throughout the land as possible. Each elf is given a map and told about the different methods of transportation that will be available to them. These include giant pigs, trollwagons, elfcycles, unicorns, magic clouds, dragons, and river rafts. Throughout the journey, the elves often wind up competing with each other to hire the faster methods of transportation which will enable them to visit the most villages. For the elf who is able to visit the most villages within 8 months is held in very high esteem, though every elf who participates is welcomed into the tribe as a new warrior.

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