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Achtung! Introductory Set

Condition: Fair/Mint
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Achtung! Introductory Set
Sub Category: Flames of War
Publish Year: 2012
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148633667
Mfg. part #: BFMFWBX02
Type: Miniatures Box Set
Age Range: 14 Years and Up

Achtung! Introductory Set


With a thunderous crash another shell smashes into the wall above you, showering your trench with rubble. Looking around, your entire position resembles a cauldron of fire -every roof ablaze, black smoke billowing into the night sky. As the echo of the blast dies away the crack of rifle fire breaks out, and an ominous clanking and rumbling.

Suddenly, out of the flames roars a Tiger tank!

Leaping from your trench you run forwards. Bazooka! Bazooka, now! Even as the din swallows your shouting, you see a trooper leveling his rocket launcher at the great beast's tracks. It may not be enough. You are in command. Take control. What are your orders?

Achtung! has been carefully designed for someone who has never heard of Flames Of War before, or has seen the 296-page rulebook and not known where to start. Achtung! is not a simplified set of the Flames Of War rules, but rather a complete introductory box for a new player!

Achtung! includes the following:

Flames Of War full-color mini-rulebook; 296 pages (this is the same full rulebook we gave away free to existing Version 2 rulebook owners!) of clearly laid out rules with plenty of diagrams, including:

  • Rules for tanks, infantry, artillery, aircraft, snipers, reconnaissance, night fighting, fortifications, street fighting, and more.
  • Special rules for the nation involved in WWII.
  • 16 page full-color introduction booklet to walk you through your first Flames Of War battles.
  • 3 detailed plastic British Sherman tank miniatures.
  • 2 detailed plastic German StuG G assault gun miniatures.
  • 6 Rare-earth Magnets.
  • 5 dice.