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Great War Salvo! (1st Edition)

By: Minden Games

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: War Games (Minden Games)

Last Stocked on 9/9/2020

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Great War Salvo! (1st Edition)
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The Great War Salvo! game system uses the tried and true WW2 Salvo! system, modified to simulate Great War naval encounters. The game may be played solitaire, or by two players. Historical warships (1/6000 scale) are individually rated for armor, speed, firepower, and other characteristics. The counters are designed so that you can readily assess the strengths and weaknesses of each ship (BB, BC, B, AC, CL, and AMC classes).

Included are two color countersheets (56 ships in all), one sheet containing British warships, and one German. (As a bonus, countersheet 5 (British and German Cruisers) is also included, bringing the number of ships up to 84 in all.) Ship counters are numbered, and this set comes with ships #1-28, 29-56, and 113-140. The instructions cover both Standard and Optional rules, eleven scenarios, and Designer's Notes. A set of color game markers, plus a handy Reference Card, round out the set.

As mentioned, you can play the game solitaire, or with two players, or, use the game system to fight encounters that your favorite strategic level naval game produces. No matter how you play with it, you'll appreciate Great War Salvo!'s high playability and faithfulness to history.

Great War Salvo! Components:

  • Rulebook
  • Reference Card
  • counter sheets 1, 2, and 5
  • game markers
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