Bleeding Sherwood

By: Cheapass Games

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Last Stocked on 12/26/2015

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Bleeding Sherwood
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Shooting ducks in a barrel has nothing on this.

Welcome to Sherwood forest, where the poor are getting richer. A lunatic named Robin Hood has taken it upon himself to burgle the rich nobles of Merrie Olde England, and redistribute their ill-gotten wealth to those who deserve it even less, the ubiquitous poor.

You and your friends, a small band of wandering merchants, have taken it upon yourselves to relieve these simple peasants of their newfound wealth, with such desirable medieval amenities as fyne arte, olde milke, and tropical fyshes.

Why? Because these country folk have more easy cash than the know what do with, especially with Robin Hood prancing through town every week. Why, if it weren't for you, they might not even manage to stay poor.

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