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Blitzkrieg - Tank Company, Kompania Czolgow

By: Battlefront Miniatures

Type: Minis Box Set

Product Line: Flames of War - WWII - Poland - Box Sets & Miscellaneous


Last Stocked on 5/1/2018

Product Info

Blitzkrieg - Tank Company, Kompania Czolgow
Publish Year
MFG. Part #
Minis Box Set
Age Range
14 Years and Up


Poland has two full battalions of 7TP light tanks. Armed with a 37mm gun these light tanks provide the Polish with a powerful weapon against Germany’s armored spearhead. Supported by 75mm light guns Poland’s tank companies lead the counter attacks against the invading German forces.

Box Includes:

Company HQ
   •1x 7TP jw tank.
Czolgow Platoon
   •5x 7TP jw tanks.
Czolgow Platoon
   •5x 7TP jw tanks.
Reconnaissance Tank Platoon
   •5x TKS tankettes with machine-gun and 20mm gun options
Light Gun Battery
   •1x Command Rifle team
   •1x Observer team
   •1x Staff team
   •4x 75mm guns

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