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Blitzkrieg - Motorized Rifle Company

By: Battlefront Miniatures

Type: Minis Box Set

Product Line: Flames of War - WWII - German - Box Sets & Miscellaneous


Last Stocked on 8/20/2018

Product Info

Blitzkrieg - Motorized Rifle Company
Publish Year
MFG. Part #
Minis Box Set
Age Range
14 Years and Up


The panzer division’s Schützen riflemen lead the way when the tanks get held up by bunkers or a river. Following close behind their assault guns and bunker-busting infantry guns, the riflemen storm the enemy positions covered by their mortars and machine-guns.

Box Includes:

Company HQ
   •2x Command teams
   •2x Motorcycle and sidecars
2x Schützen Platoons
   •1x Command Rifle/MG team
   •1x Light mortar team
   •1x Anti-tank Rifle team
   •6x Rifle/MG teams
   •1 x Kfz 15 field car
   •4x Kfz 70 trucks
Schützen Mortar Platoon
   •1x Command SMG team
   •1X Observer Rifle team
   •6x 8cm GW34 mortars
Schützen Machine-gun Platoon
   •1x Command SMG team
   •4x MG34 HMG
Tank-hunter Platoon
   •4x Panzerjäger I tank-hunters
Self-propelled Infantry Gun Platoon
   •2x 15cm sIG33 auf Panzer I infantry guns
Assault Gun Platoon
   •1x Command Sd Kfz 253 half-track
   •2x Stug A assault guns

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