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C4 Corner Cutter - Blue w/Felt Base

C4 Corner Cutter - Blue w/Felt Base
Category: Dice & Supplies
Product Line: C4 Corner Cutter
Publish Year: 2010
Restockable: No
Type: Supplies

C4 Corner Cutter - Blue w/Felt Base
C4 Corner Cutter - Blue w/Felt Base


Please note: Although the picture shows all 5 colors, you will receive only the color listed in the title.

The C4 Corner Cutter is made specifically for board wargamers. It eliminates the tedious task of clipping die-cut counters one at a time. With the C4 you cut stacks of counters all at once. You can easily prep most wargames in under an hour and monster games in a single evening, including ASL and Panzer Grenadier titles.

Why Clip Counters?

Wargames don't come ready-to-play. So, consider the analogy of a plastic model: You remove the parts from the sprue (punch counters from the frame) and then trim any flashing off the parts (clip the ragged corners off the counters) before you begin assembly (setting up the game). To which somebody once said that wargames aren't models. Of course they are; they model historical situations. So, who would be crazy enough to build a model without trimming the flashing?

Command magazine games always included the following instruction somewhere near the front of the rules: "Carefully punch out the counters. Trimming the 'dog ears' off the corners with a fingernail clipper will greatly facilitate their handling and stacking during play (and also enhances their appearance)." Sometimes they worded it a little different, but trimming was always part of game prep. And now the C4 Corner Cutter makes it a lot easier and faster.

  • Easily prep most games in under an hour; monster games in a single evening
  • Cut square or rectangular counters
  • No tedious nail clippers, adjustable cut
  • Choose from several colors