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Aendryth's Eldritch Compendium

Aendryth's Eldritch Compendium
Genre: RPG - Fantasy
Author: James Mishler
Publish Year: 2009
Pages: 20
Dimensions: 6x9x.15"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: AGP00253
Type: Softcover


Aendryth's Eldritch Compendium is the title of a thick black tome of spells arcane, unusual formulae, and strange magic items developed and written by a mighty wizard known as Aendryth the Eldritch Wizard, or simply, “The Eldritch,” who knew great renown some decades ago. Hounded by his former arcane master, Aendryth has not been seen in civilized lands for nearly 20 years. Some say he lives today as a hermit, others claim to see him now and again in disguise in far-distant ports. While many have attempted to adapt his works in that time, most have failed to capture the artistry with which he wove these spells. His friends and well-wishers hope that someday he will return.

The tome contains the Eldritch Wizard’s unique spells, as well as formulae for creating magic items and potions using the vitreous humor and other body parts of the prysmal eye, a creature of much interest to the Eldritch Wizard. The tome contains the following spells and formulae:


  • Aendryth’s Volley (Level 6 wizard)
  • Blood Childe (Level 6 wizard)
  • Body and Soul (Level 9 wizard)
  • Chirurgeon ex Nihilo (Level 7 wizard)
  • More (Level 4 wizard)
  • No Time for Pain (Level 2 wizard)
  • Summon Mother Scarlett (Level 6 wizard)
  • Swarm of Eyes Arcane (Level 6 wizard)
  • Temple of Love (Level 8 wizard)
  • Unseen Archer (Level 2 wizard)
  • Walk Away (Level 1 wizard)
  • Wave of Corrosion (Level 3 wizard)

    Potions & Magic Items

  • Potion of Disjunction
  • Potion of Enervation
  • Potion of Foresight
  • Potion of Harm
  • Potion of Improved Flight
  • Potion of Improved Polymorph
  • Potion of Prismatic Potency
  • Potion of Telepathy
  • Potion of Teleportation
  • Potion of Undead Mastery
  • Prysmal Armor

    Designed and approved for use with Castles & Crusades, Aendryth’s Eldritch Compendium adds a mix of new, interesting, and potent spells to a Wilderlands of High Fantasy campaign or any other campaign setting.