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Blood Berets (French Edition)

Blood Berets (French Edition)
Publish Year: 1994
Dimensions: 11x15.5x1.75"
Restockable: No
Type: Boxed Game


They say that when even the corporate armies aren't enough, you call in the elite. You call on the Blood Berets. They've seen it all; the swamps, the sand, the artic waste. But there was something about the jungle...

The deafening quiet, made more so by the thick foliage overhead, pressed upon the berets as they methodically worked their way through the jungle. Other than the occasional cautious blip by the canner, the berets were nothing more than camouflaged whispers.

Then it all broke loose. Horrendous beast-screams ripped through the air as the scanners went wild. Undead legion troops burst through the growth and attacked the inhuman rage. Weapons hummed into action and rapid-fire bursts leveled jungle and enemy alike as the first of many ferocious fire-fights began.

The Blood Berets had arrived.

9 piece double-sided gameboard showing the jungles of Venus and an underground fortress.
16 detailed plastic miniatures of the Imperial corporation Blood Berets, and the dreaded Nepharite Overlords and undead Legionnaires of the Dark Legion.
1 Tactical Display map
1 sheet of 70 counters
1 deck of 56 cards: character cards for all the miniatures, equipment cards, dark symmetry cards, and weapon cards.
1 die
Complete 32 pages rules, designed to teach you the game in logical stages.