Age of Steam Expansion - DC/Berlin w/Age of Steam Box #1

By: Alban Viard Studio Games

Type: Box Set

Product Line: Age of Steam Expansion Maps (Alban Viard)

Last Stocked on 6/13/2016

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Age of Steam Expansion - DC/Berlin w/Age of Steam Box #1
Alban Viard
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Box Set


Washington DC and Berlin are another pair of maps created by highly regarded Age of Steam expansion designer Alban Viard. Washington DC focuses on the infamous freeways of the US capital. While the interstate can allow for quick goods transportation, it also becomes increasingly clogged as the game progresses and eventually becomes nearly impassable.

The Berlin Wall, meanwhile, takes Age of Steam back to the era of the Cold War and the divided city of Berlin. Troop garrisons impede goods movement for much of the game, and the wall also presents an imposing obstacle. Of course, the fall of the wall in 1989 changes everything.

The Age of Steam Box #1, meanwhile, is a useful new accessory for all Age of Steam fans. The two-piece box, manufactured by Ludo Fact in Germany, offers a sturdy, stylish way to transport your standard size Age of Steam expansions. The Age of Steam Box features a check list of all of the currently released hard board and soft board expansions that will fit in it.

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