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76mm Artillery Battalion

Condition: SW (MINT/New)
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Condition: MINT/New
Our Price: $53.95
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76mm Artillery Battalion
Sub Category: Flames of War
Product Note: Late
Publish Year: 2009
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148623507
Mfg. part #: BFMSBX11
Type: Miniatures Box Set
Age Range: 14 Years and Up

76mm Artillery Battalion
76mm Artillery Battalion


The lightweight and mobile 76mm ZIS-3 gun forms the mainstay of the Soviet artillery – the ‘Red God Of War’ – which, like many things in the Red Army, lacks subtlety, but makes up for this in sheer weight of fire.

Shock Artillery Battalion

The Soviet soldier knows only one god, the ‘Red God of War’! The guns of our artillery pass vengeful judgment upon the enemy. To feed our hungry titan, the heroic workers produce thousands of rounds of artillery shells a day. Our tireless gunners of the heroic artillery battalion will never run out!

The guns and howitzers of the Guards artillery regiment, backed by even more regiments and heavy howitzers from corps and army support, will drive the cowering Germans mad. Exploit their cowardice and send in the shock troops!

The brave soldiers of the assault companies will advance with confidence behind the lethal steel rain falling on the hapless enemy troops. They will be left broken in their trenches as your frontniks overtake their rat holes.

Support the gun platoons with your heavier 122mm obr 1938 guns to pulverize what your lighter guns did not shatter into splinters!

Motostrelkovy Artillery Battalion

An important aspect to the success in battle of the Soviet exploitation forces is the gun line. While the mobile forces engage the enemy, the guns support the attack and provide a defensive line in case of a cowardly Fascist counterattack.

The 76mm ZIS-3 field gun may not have the hitting power of the larger guns of the other Soviet forces, but they only have to keep the Fascists’ heads down while the motostrelkovy and tanks advance on the enemy positions.

They can also be pushed up to the enemy positions and fire over open sights to drive the enemy from their positions. Few can stand firepower of this magnitude!

Tank Destruction Company

There are few more powerful or deadly weapons in the struggle against tanks than the guns of the tank destruction companies.

They also provide direct fire support against enemy infantry and guns, a role that has become more important as the Red Army goes on the offensive. There are two regiments in each corps, one armed with 76mm ZIS-3 anti-tank guns and the other armed with heavy 85mm obr 1939 guns.

In Flames Of War

This box set can be used to build Artillery Battalions from either Fortress Europe, Stalin’s Onslaught or Hammer and Sickle.

With four guns the box provides the ideal starting point for any Soviet Artillery Battalion, just with add more 76mm ZIS-3 guns or 122mm obr 1938 howitzers depending on the type of battalion and the force you are using.

This box can also be used to form a Tank Destruction Company armed with 76mm ZIS-3 guns from Fortress Europe or Hammer and Sickle.