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Antipode Assault Pack (1st Edition)

Antipode Assault Pack (1st Edition)
Sub Category: Infinity
Product Note: 4 figures
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: CVB280111
Type: Miniatures Box Set


The Assault Packs are formed by groups of Antipode, natives of Ariadne biologically manipulated to carry out the orders of a Controller. The history of the Antipode of the "River Tribe" in their confrontation with humans is long and bloody.

The troops of Ariadna have long since learnt to their cost to respect the Antipode's combat potential. Thanks to a highly developed sense of smell, an Antipode is perfectly capable of detecting any target within a radius of several metres even though it is well concealed, and for this reason the Antipode are employed in security and exploration tasks. Also, in keeping with an ancient warrior tradition, the Controllers sheath the Antipode claws in Teseum, which, in addition to their strength and speed, converts them into fearsome hand-to-hand fighters, as many an over-confident and unwary enemy soldier has discovered.