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Sticks & Stones

By: Jeff Valent Studios

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Sticks & Stones (Savage Worlds)

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Sticks & Stones
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So, are you looking to battle some prehistoric creatures? No problem! Sticks & Stones is a fast, furious, fun, and often hilarious prehistoric Savage Worlds setting. So stop shaving. Stop bathing. Stop talking. Put on a comfortable loincloth, grab a club and let’s rock and roll!

It is the Dawn of Humanity. 75,000 years in the past. The beginning of the last Ice Age. You may have studied about it in school. But some things were actually very, very different from what you learned in class . . .

Just like you were taught, our ancient ancestors - the Archaic Homo sapiens - had to contend with Neanderthals, Saber-Tooth Tigers, Woolly Mammoths, and a downright hostile environment.

But what you weren’t taught is that our ancestors had other things to contend with. Things that later became legends - and sometimes even campy Hollywood movies. Things like dinosaurs that didn’t quite become extinct. And Shamans who used real magic. And dead things that didn’t stay that way. And even prehistoric Nerds!

Survival is the name of the game. But your characters won’t know that. You’ll be lucky if they even know their own names . . .

The core Sticks & Stones miniatures rules are the Savage Worlds Showdown! rules. We have added a number of prehistoric twists to these rules, including keeping talking to a minimum (grunting is okay!) and using hands and fingers for measurement.

The book contains information about the Land of Lur, Weird Prehistoric Science, Prehistoric Shamans, Beast Mastering, Creating an Army, Campaigns, Terrain, Weather, Strange Locales, Savage Tales Skirmish Style, Invoking the Spirits, Using Vehicles & Mounts, Cave Gear, Vehicles, Gadgets & Relics, Named Heroes, Troop Costs, and a Bestiary. Appendices include Freak Events, Special Abilities, and Skills.

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