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Starter Set - German Mech Grenadiers

By: West Wind Productions

Type: Minis Box Set

Product Line: Secrets of the Third Reich 1949 - Rules & Starter Packs (28mm)

19 figures

Last Stocked on 2/8/2011

Product Info

Starter Set - German Mech Grenadiers
Publish Year
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Minis Box Set


Forces of the Gotterdammerung! Mech Grenadiers are among Germany’s best in 1949. This starter set contains 19 models and gives you everything you need to field a Platoon Command Section and two fire teams of really hard dudes. Additionally, it includes a Jagerhund kill team of 3 incredibly fast and deadly werewolves to range out and kill enemy infantry or take objectives before the enemy can bring armored support to bear.

Pack contents:
1 G-SOTR25 Mech Grenadier Command (4 models)
1 G-SOTR23 Mech Grenadier Assault Rifles (4 models)
1 G-SOTR01 Mech Grenadier GEWHER Auto Rifles (4 models)
1 G-SOTR02 Mech Grenadiers GWHER 45 Auto Rifles (SHS) Gas Mask Heads (4)
1 G-SOTR14 Jagerhund Mondheulen
1 G-SOTR16 Jagerhund Rottweiler
1 G-SOTR18 Jagerhund Dobermann

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