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Excellent Prismatic Spray, The #7/8 - Tooth, Talon and Pinion - Creatures of the Dying Earth

Excellent Prismatic Spray, The #7/8 - Tooth, Talon and Pinion - Creatures of the Dying Earth
Product Line: Dying Earth RPG
Publish Year: 2008
Pages: 134
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.3"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: IPRPELXPS007
Type: Softcover


Twenty creatures are detailed here by our most reliable commentators. The familiar deodand gets a new lick of paint in the Carnival of Grotesques; there are a choice of dangerous and docile pets; and you might learn the secrets of the Twk-Folk, or choose your words carefully with the Equivocal Leucomorph. Grashpotel's walking tour enlightens us on the culinary merits of beasts, although many of his students end up on the menu. Beasts are offered with their Known Facts, reliable Scholarly Conjectures with game effects, and Adventure Hooks for unsuspecting PCs.

But lest you think that we have succumbed to chronic philotherianism we also venture into other areas and continue to elucidate and examine the farther corners of our ancient world.


Jim Webster

The Letters of Bracht, Green Legionnaire
M.D. Jackson

Pets of the Dying Earth

Pocket Erb
Kaiinish Mockery Slugs
Red (Lesser) Tasps

The Hidden City of the Mountains
Lynne Hardy

The Twk-men
Nicholas Caldwell

Grashpotel’s Symposium
David Thomas

The Carnival of Grotesques
Gids for Sport and Profit
The Myth of the Robber Asm
Interview with a Visp
The Equivocal Leucomorph
Mysteries of the Twk-Folk

The Clevenger Collectors
Jeanry Chandler

The Duniwassal Mattock
Justinian Merrihew

The Travelers Guide to the Exotic and Quixotic Bildazan, God of Merchants and Thieves
Greg Saunders

The Animal Apocrypha
Ian Thomson

The Bogadil
The Flantic
The Gleft
The Griffin
The Mank
The Murgril
The Twastic
The Ursial Loper

A Treatise on the Origins and Intelligence of Certain Dumb Beasts
David Thomas