Barbarossa North

By: Fanatic Enterprises

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: ASL Scenarios & AFV Card Packs (Fanatic Enterprises)

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Barbarossa North
NKG Part #


FE 108 No Walkover: 13 German squads attack up the board 50 hill from board 52 against 8 entrenched Russian squads. Note that given the theater of operations, hills and woods will play a big part.

FE 109 Salla: How does infantry go about tackling a steel beast? Well this scenario will answer that question. Set on boards 32 and 38, the Germans get 12 squads to capture some buildings and maybe even taking out a KV-2 tank. The Russians get the tank and 9 squads to help in the defense. Bone up on CCV and DC attacks.

FE 110 Not So Supermen: For those of you used to playing the German 658 SS Supermen this scenario will be a nice surprise. Not all of the German SS troops were the Ubermen of 658 fame. This scenario features 11 German SS squads trying to hold some buildings against 14 Russian squads supported by some tanks. I had hoped to feature the BT-2 Russian tank in this scenario, but AoO has not yet been released so I HAD to change to the BT-5 tank. Come on MMP! Get AoO done! :O) This scenario is set on boards 44 and 43.

FE 111 French Castoffs: This scenario features an interesting rarity. Russian and French tanks facing off! Will the early war Russian tanks be able to stop the French armor? Try your hand at this scenario, which features 16 German squads, Hotchkiss and Somua tanks taking on 13 Russian squads and lots of armor on boards 11 and 43.

FE 112 Old Tactics, New Victims: What would a Finland scenario pack be without a Finnish scenario? Well this scenario features the Finns using their Motti tactic to take out some Russian infantry. 9 Finnish squads take on 8 Russian squads. Finns have to move fast on board 52 to capture a rail station.

FE 113 Blood on the Timbers: Another one of those hill and woods scenarios. This time on boards 39 and 50. Now you will HAVE to overcome your fear of board 39 and get some exciting close quarters action going. Bone up on your CX and advance versus difficult terrain rules for this scenario featuring 15 German squads against 13 Russian entrenched defenders.

FE 114 Hide & Seek: Now this is an interesting situation. Set on board 32, both sides set up HIP. This should be interesting as your opponent is popping out of the woods all around you, lot of CC, HtH CC, Melee, blood and more blood, not for the squeamish. 11 squads vs. 11 squads in a quick playing scenario with loads of replay value.

FE 115 Reindeer Games: The Finns are back fighting partisans in the woods. Set on boards 42 and 32, 13 Finnish squads try to capture buildings or kill up to 19 Partisan squads. This is another one sure to be bloody!

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