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Blitzkrieg Pack, The

By: Fanatic Enterprises

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: ASL Scenarios & AFV Card Packs (Fanatic Enterprises)

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Blitzkrieg Pack, The
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FE 78 The Birth of Blitzkrieg, September 1939: A quick tourney sized scenario featuring boards 5 and 10. This scenario pits German armor against Polish infantry supported by an AT Gun. Should be good for fast play, allowing for multiple playings in one sitting.

FE 79 Motorcycle Probe, September 1939: This interesting scenario is an attempt to represent a tactical situation difficult to model in ASL, a reconnaissance. German motorcycle infantry must seek out HIP Polish units before their reinforcements can come on. The Poles gain victory points by staying hidden but they also have to prevent the Germans from leaving the board. Features board 48

FE 80 The World Aflame, September 1939: Another Polish vs. German scenario, this time on boards 5 and 12. This scenario is a meaty scenario, featuring combined arms for each side with lots of armor, guns, OBA, fortifications. Lots of heavy duty ASL.

FE 81 Smialya, September 1939: This is another meaty scenario with lots of action on boards 5 and 12. This scenario features armor, infantry with guns, air support and fortifications and ARMORED TRAINS!!! I have some armored train rules for use in this scenario that will make this a very unique ASL scenario!!

FE 82 Mokra Melee, September 1939: A very good, moderate sized scenario on boards 48 and 52. This scenario features armor and infantry and is a good old average ASL scenario! There are some unique woods rules allowing for some vehicular woods movement.

FE 83 The Fifth Column, September 1939: OOOH BOY a very unique one. German partisan-type infantry attack some poor quality Polish infantry supported by a crappy armored car. Uses board 3 and is a tourney sized one. This is a reissue of a scenario previously published on the Coastal Fortress website.

FE 84 Black Monday, September 1939: This is a meaty Deluxe board City fight on boards a, b, c and d. The scenario pits a combined arms force of Germans attacking a dug in Polish force supported by some rarely seen Polish vehicles and Guns. A very interesting scenario. This is a reissue and revision of a scenario previously published on the Coastal Fortress website.

FE 85 Danish Pride, April 1940: This is another of those good old fashioned, no-frills type scenarios featuring the Germans attacking the Danes during their one day conquest. This scenario features German infantry supported by armored cars attacking Danish infantry supported by guns and fortifications on board 22. This is a reissue of a scenario previously published on the Coastal Fortress website.

FE 86 The End at Dombaas, April 1940: This is a cool little scenario featuring dug in and surrounded German paratroopers being attacked by the Norwegian army on boards 4 and 44. The Germans hold some Norwegian prisoners and the Norwegians using guns and mortars and attacking from all board edges must kill Gerries and release the prisoners.

FE 87 Lightning War, May 1940: This scenario features the Germans and the French meeting in a head on collision on boards 5 and 3. Both sides get armor and infantry. Smallish, tourney sized scenario that plays pretty quickly.

FE 88 Crossing the Meuse, May 1940: This scenario is an infantry only scenario set on board 2 between the French and the Germans. Elite German squads armed with FT and DC have to dig French infantry out of some pillboxes.

FE 89 The Hard Way, May 1940: This is a good-sized river-crossing scenario between the Germans and the French. The Germans get infantry of course, and are supported by an AA halftrack and some assault guns, against some dug in infantry. The Germans have to cross the river and capture some houses. Set on boards 8 and 10.

FE 90 Busted at Bulson, May 1940: An all armor scenario set on boards 19 and 44 pitting German and French armor against each other. I enjoy these all armor scenario and this one is the classic French vs. German armor scenario, heavy armored but slow tanks versus more the mobile German tanks equipped with better radios. Should be a classic.

FE 91 Elan, May 1940: German combined arms have to dig French forces out of a town, set on boards 44 and 52. A good meaty scenario.

FE 92 Loveluck, May 1940: A small tourney sized scenario featuring the Germans and the British. A German platoon and some tanks try to capture some buildings from a British platoon supported by some guns. Very quick play allows for much replay value. Set on board 33.

FE 93 Guerra Del Lampo, November 1940: The Italians make an effort at Blitzkrieg. A strong infantry and AFV force try to kick some Greek infantry out of the board 12 village and/or cross the board 11 hills. A good sized scenario with many options for each side, defend, attack, counterattack, run off board, capture buildings, kill opponents, etc. Lots to do with lots of replay value.

FE 94 Krushed at Kroussia, April 1941: The Germans arrive to help their Italian allies. This scenario pits German infantry and armor attacking dug in Greeks supported by armor. The action takes place on boards 2 and 18. The Greeks should get some good chances at counterattacks and a flexible defense allows for lots of defensive options.

FE 95 Branzini Brouhaha, July 1941: Set on board 44 this scenario pits the Rumanians against the Russians. This scenario requires vehicles and counters from Armies of Oblivion so this is another reason to encourage MMP to complete that module. This scenario features Rumanian armor, along with infantry, attacking dug in Russians reinforced by armor.

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