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Bauhaus Bunker 3D Expansion Set

By: Target Games

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: Warzone - Core & Assorted (Target Games)

Last Stocked on 3/30/2007

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Bauhaus Bunker 3D Expansion Set
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Boxed Game


When the odds are against you; when fighting for survival, a good defensive position can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Built to take punishment, yet packing some serious firepower, the Bauhaus Bunker offers supreme protection from even the most furious assault.

This new 3D Expansion Set allows you to incorporate structures and buildings into your Warzone scenarios, whether you are defending a bunker or fighting in the catacombs beneath a Brotherhood Cathedral.

This Box-set Contains:
Two impressive full-color card models, for you to construct from 16 A4 sheets of card.
An exclusive new Warzone miniature - The Bauhaus - HMG-85/T mounted machine gun with gunner - only available with this box set.
A 32-page booklet with comprehensive new rules for fighting, in and around buildings and structures, and for fighting underground. And new templates and counters.
Exciting background text to bring the whole thing to life.

Please note: The miniature included in this box-set is supplied unpainted and the exact color of the Bauhaus Bunker may differ slightly from the color seen on the cover of the box.

This is NOT a stand alone product; a copy of the Warzone main rules is required to use the additional rules included in this box set.

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