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Book of Vocations, Spells & Skills #3

Book of Vocations, Spells & Skills #3
Genre: RPG - Fantasy
Author: Kory Kaese, Allison Kaese
Publish Year: 2004
Pages: 48
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.2"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: MSD9415
Type: Softcover


The Book of Vocations, Spells and Skills continues with new additional vocations, additional magick, and additional skills.

The Book contains:

• The book contains over 25 vocations Suitable for use in Chivalry & Sorcery
• Eight Magical Vocations
• Townsmen & Villagers
• Servants of a Household
• Master Craftsmen
• Medieval Woman Specific Vocations
• The vocations include historical and fantasy vocations

• Additional Magicks for Chivalry & Sorcery
• Common Method
• Basic Magick- Illusions
• Basic Magick- Air
• Basic Magick
• Arcane Magick
• Plant Magick
• Command Magick
• Divination Magick
• Transmutation Magick

• Additional Common and Magical Materials
• Common Inks and their creation method
• Magical Inks and their creation method
• Trick Inks and their creation method
• Difficult Inks and their creation method
• Quill, Nib, Stylus, and Brushes

• Magical Items
• Chirurgeon’s Needle of the Arcane
• Battle Wand of Darkness
• Arcane Arrows
• The Arcane Spike
• Wand of Interrogation
• The Upper Hand

• Additional Skills
• Additional Agricultural Skills
• Additional Animal Husbandry Skills
• Additional Craft & Trade Skills
• Additional Combat Skills
• Additional Language Lore Skills
• Additional Lore Historical Skills
• Additional Cooking and Brewing Skills

• Additional Weapons
• Chakram
• Hurled War Hammer
• Hurling Hammer
• Throwing Axe
• Throwing Iron

• Master Skill List
• The Master Skill list contains all of the current Skills including the new ones in this book
• The DF Table
• The Attribute Bonus Table