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Armor Wars Miniatures Collection - 60+ w/6 Limited Editions!

Armor Wars Miniatures Collection - 60+ w/6 Limited Editions!
by WizKids
Publish Year: 2005
Restockable: No
Type: Miniatures Loose


Includes the following Armor Wars minis:

Armor Wars LE's:
1)Spider Woman
3)Black King
4)Shathra x2
5)Gold Armor Iron Man

Armor Wars Flyers:
1)Experienced Aurora
2)Rookie Bansheex2
3)Veteran Banshee
4)Veteran Cannonball
5)Rookie Firebrandx2
6)Rookie Killer Shrikex2
7)Rookie Sunfirex3

Armor Wars Ground Pounders:
1)Rookie Dazzler
2)Experienced Dazzler
3)Rookie Capt America
4)Experienced Capt America
5)Rookie Echox2
6)Experienced Echo
7)Veteran Echo
8)Experienced Executioner
9)Rookie Ghost
10)Veteran Ghost
11)Rookie Lorelei
12)Experienced Loreleix3
13)Veteran Lorelei
14)Rookie Magma
15)Experienced Magmax3
16)Rookie Marrinax2
17)Experienced Marrina
18)Veteran Marrina
19)Rookie Paladinx3
20)Veteran Paladin
21)Rookie Psylocke
22)Experienced Psylocke
23)Rookie Spymaster
24)Experienced Spymaster
25)Veteran Spymaster
26)Rookie Shaman
27)Experienced Shamanx2
28)Rookie Thunderball
29)Experienced Thunderball
30)Veteran Thunderball
31)Rookie Thunderbirdx2
32)Veteran Warpath
33)Rookie Quicksilver
34)Veteran Quicksilver
35)Rookie Wendigo
36)Experienced Wendigo

All miniatures are in like new condition and come with the related accessories.