Diamond Edition - Reign of Blood, Unicorn Deck

By: AEG (Alderac Entertainment Group)

Type: CCG (Deck)

Product Line: Legend of the Five Rings CCG - Theme Decks - Diamond Edition (AEG/FRP)

84 cards

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Diamond Edition - Reign of Blood, Unicorn Deck
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During their time beyond the Empire, the Unicorn learned a style of magic unlike any other known before. They learned the gaijin arts of sorcery, meishodo - the power that lies within the true names used to create the universe.

By binding these names to amulets, the Unicorn work their magic. It is a practice unknown and often misunderstood by the rest of the Empire, so the Unicorn have learned to keep their secrets well. The depths of Shinden Horiuchi hold the deepest secrets of meishodo. The Horiuchi are a small family, so few care if they stray far from the norm - few care for them in any case.

But as the Bloodspeakers rise to power in the south and the Rain of Blood washes over the Empire, the Horiuchi find themselves in a difficult postion. Too many aspects of Iuchiban's magic remind them more of their own gaijin practices than of standard maho. In their eyes, it is obvious that the Bloodspeaker practices sorcery of the sort developed in foreign lands, but few will listen to the words of such a tiny and unimportant family.

It now falls to the Horiuchi to step forward and make their voices heard.

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